With Android 11, any smartphone will be Android Auto wirelessly compatible!


With Android 11, any smartphone will be compatible with the “wireless” version of Android Auto. Explanations.

A few weeks ago, BMW opened up to Android Auto, with an update that began rolling out in July. On the BMW side, we are promoting a full integration within the BMW digital cockpit, with the “wireless” version of Android Auto. In this way, the connection with the smartphone is done without the slightest unsightly cable.

Android Auto Wireless for All with Android 11?

At the end of the year, Google will launch the new (android eleventh) version of its Android ecosystem. A new OS that will obviously offer its share of new features, including for Android Auto. Indeed, any smartphone running Android 11 will be compatible with Android Auto “wireless”. Until now, only a few Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel smartphones could wirelessly connect to the dashboard of some vehicles.


In the future, all Android 11 smartphones (with a WiFi 5 Ghz) will be able to connect without any cable to Android Auto, provided of course to have a car also compatible with Android Auto wireless. In this way, Google should allow more users to enjoy the joy of Android Auto, with “mid-range” smartphones that can be completely compatible when they evolve to Android 11.

However, in addition to having to have a vehicle whose dashboard is compatible with Android Auto wireless, the user will also have to think about the autonomy of his smartphone. Indeed, while the wireless connection is necessarily more convenient than the wired connection (in USB), it is also very (very) energy-intensive.

In the end, those who will take full advantage of this better integration of Android Auto with Android 11, will therefore be those who have a car compatible on the one hand, but also with a wireless charging base on board, and a smartphone compatible with this type of charging of course. Suffice to say that it’s still quite a few prerequisites …


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