The postman takes selfies with each animal with which he befriends along his journey


It is often said that the dog is man’s best friend. But does this also apply to factors? Often, the factors are not very well received by some dogs who keep the house, while others are really looking forward to them coming!

Let’s take the example of Cristiano da Silva Antunes, a postman from Sao Paulo. He is known on social media as “Carteiro Amigo dos Animais”, which translates as “the animal-friendly factor”.

He wants to break the stereotype that dogs hate factors. And he does it with great success!

He takes a selfie of all his encounters. Not only with dogs, but he is also friends with cats, rabbits, and all kinds of other animals.

It’s not like Christiano is doing everything for the show. He’s on a mission. Often it saves animals that require veterinary attention or a roof over their heads.

His big dream, according to BoredPanda, is to open his own animal shelter. In this way, he hopes to be able to help even more animals than he does now.

It is not easy for a postman to befriend a dog. It starts with a greeting. The distance is then shortened every day, so as not to frighten the dog and to get used to it. Finally, sufficient confidence is created for him to be allowed to caress them.

It won’t surprise you that Christiano and his wife have several dogs and cats at home. This gentle factor ensures that the relationship between dogs and factors is never seen in the same way again!


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