The policeman is devastated to have lost his partner and his friend – “He would have done anything for you”


Five years ago, former agent K9 Axel retired. The four-legged friend had gone above and beyond, helping to keep Central Falls residents safe for many years.

Axel was still very much loved and the whole department mourned his passing last month.

The dog was so good at what he did that he continued long after reaching retirement age.

“He has done an excellent job of keeping the streets safe and has always ensured that our officers are safe, no matter how dangerous the situation may be.

He would not have hesitated to give his life to save that of a colleague, especially his partner Decristoforo,” Wrote Friends of Central Falls Animals on Facebook.

Axel was the first police dog of Constable Decristoforo with whom he worked.


The dog had worked elsewhere for a few years, so people were wondering if he could get used to a new city. This was not a problem! The two quickly became inseparable.

After Axel’s death, it was as if Officer Decristoforo had lost his “other half”. He was devastated. “They were very lucky to have met in life, and Axel will always look after him.”

The Facebook post also contained a message for Agent Decristoforo: “Axel loved you even more than he did!

That’s exactly the type of dog he was. He would have done anything for you. Now you have to do something for him! Be strong and remember that he wouldn’t want to see you sad!”

To thank Axel for all that the faithful dog did, the message ended with the words: “Axel, I want to thank you for watching over us as you did!

It was not only an honor and a privilege to know you, but also to work with you. You’ll forever be my favorite retired agent.”

Rest in peace, dear Axel.

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