The photographer captures with talent all the beauty of a tree covered with blue butterflies


Nature always manages to surprise us. In the city, for example, despite the concrete, a plant always manages to mow between the cobblestones, in the grooves of a wall. This time in the forest, Kelvin Hudson took this shot, which is widely shared on social media.

Kelvin Hudson is a talented photographer who has travelled extensively. On Instagram, he shares some of his snaps. One of her photos went viral and for good reason, she is sublime.

The photographer photographed a tree covered with butterflies in blue tones. He was there at the perfect moment and the shot is sensational. It is not known where it was taken or why so many butterflies had gathered on this tree.

Kelvin Hudson shares all kinds of photos on his Instagram account.


Morpho or blue morpho butterflies live mainly in the tropical forests of Central and South America. It is one of the largest butterflies that exists.

What a great picture. Once again, nature surprises us and is a pleasure for the eyes!


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