The dogs are happy to see their owner – until he asks who tore his pants


Dogs offer us a lot of love and joy every day. They are members of the family in their own right, with their character and sometimes also do stupid things! But hard not to forgive them when seeing their innocent little porridge like the duo of the video below!

Often, when our adored hairballs have done something wrong, they have a guilty look that leaves no doubt about the author of the stupidity. We see that they are suspicious and they do not yet know what the punishment will be.

To illustrate this type of “guilty look”, nothing beats the video below. Etienne Harris, who adores her two, goes home and finds the two hairballs to party for her. But one of them seemed a little behind. And then the man soon discovers that one of his pants had been used as a toy and was in tatters.


So Etienne tells his to come, tells them he loves them, gives them hugs. Then he asks, “Who ripped my pants?”

The dogs’ answer to the question becomes very clear in their amusing reaction!

You can watch it yourself in the fun video below. Share this article with your friends too if you’ve ever been in a situation like this!


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