The baby was born at 22 weeks and survived against all odds – today he’s an adorable 2-year-old boy


Life often surprises us, for good and ill.

The moment you discover that you are going to become a parent can be very moving. Joy, fear, nervousness, pleasure – all emotions appear at the same time. But in the end, it’s largely the joy that comes, once the baby is born.

But for anyone who has experienced a pregnancy knows that it is an emotional roller coaster where the fear that something will happen to the baby is great.

And unfortunately for this family, their fears came true, when the birth was to take place much earlier than expected. Namely already in week 22.

Molli Potter was only 22 weeks pregnant when her grandson Cullen decided it was time to go out. He was born on March 14, 2018 and weighed only 400 grams. This is reported by ABC News and says more about the controversial story.

The fact that a birth already takes place in week 22 is not common, so doctors were not very optimistic that the boy would survive. The feeling of sadness was the basis of the fact that they thought the operations were too risky to be worth carrying out.


Doctors told Molli of the gloom and explained that statistics showed that almost no child who had been in the womb for 22 weeks or less had survived.

New Scientist writes that the only percentage of those who survive are likely to have disabilities, and that the probability is high that small life will require 24-hour monitoring.

This was the motivation of the doctors to explain why they did not want to take care of the baby.


This deeply hurt Molli and his partner. But they refused to give up.

They turned to up to 15 different hospitals who gave the same message that the risks were too great.

But in the end, there was a hospital that was ready for the challenge.

The U.S. Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, wanted to perform the surgeries, even though the baby had not been in the womb for more than 22 weeks.

“Even though it’s about 21 weeks and six days, we’ll be here, and we’ll always fight for a chance in life,” said Dr. Fabien Eyal, who treated little Cullen.

Cullen’s chances of survival were estimated at a modest two percent, but it was probably a hope for the Potter family – and that was obviously also a sufficient percentage for the little fighter to survive.

After five months of treatment and follow-up, a healthy baby had to leave the hospital with his parents and today, two years later, little Culle is like any child with a lot of energy that is contagious.


These parents had to go through a lot with the worst, but they were finally able to come out stronger than ever. With a real kid’s prodigy.


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