The 5 dangers of the beach for your dog


This summer, you’re taking your dog to the beach! A moment of happiness, sharing and lazing around, these few hours to laze on the sand are not without danger. Here’s what you need to know and what to take!

Many dogs love the beach, but it is not without dangers! Here are 5 dangers of the beach for your dog, and how to protect your pet throughout the summer.

The sun

If the sun is dangerous for humans, it is also, if not more so, for dogs. Bronze for hours in the sun is therefore not recommended at all for them, especially for dogs with white coats, which are particularly prone to sunburn.

Brachycephalic dogs (flat-nosed dogs), elderly, sick or obese dogs are also the most susceptible to heat stroke, even if the latter spares no dogs.

If you want to take your dog to the beach, it is better to prefer the less hot hours (early morning and late at night). Always carry water with you to water it, and don’t hesitate to wet it!


Some dogs love to swim in the sea and run on the sand. However, the salt they contain is deposited on the skin and irritates it, causing itching and sometimes even infections.


On your way back from the beach, it is essential to rinse your dog with fresh water, taking care to pass the water stream between its pads.


The sand may contain fleas! To prevent your dog from being infested with it, be sure to give him a pest control.


While jellyfish bites are not pleasant for humans, they are not pleasant for dogs either.

While walking on the beach, the dog can come across a stranded jellyfish, walk on it, lick it or simply feel it.

Even if it’s dead, the jellyfish can be venomous. In case of jellyfish bite, rub the affected areas with sand and then rinse with seawater. If the dog is still in pain, then you will have to go to a vet.

Stranded crustaceans

Most dogs love the smells of the sea and everything that hangs on the sand: stranded crustaceans and fish, dead bird carcasses, etc. However, you must prevent your dog from eating anything within reach on the beach! He could be seriously intoxicated…

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