Thanks to the “as I like” diet, she loses 128 kilos during the “free” week


The young woman demanded a refund because she wanted to lose 130 kilos in the first week and was not satisfied.

“As I like”, the famous regime in fashion in recent years, has been condemned for false advertising because of the famous “free week” which is not so

free. Tatiana Grautah, a 26-year-old woman, paid for a four-week program, which she could get reimbursed after 7 days if she was not satisfied.


After losing 128 kilos in one week, Tatiana asked for a refund because her target of 130 kilos had not been reached. “Theysay satisfied or reimbursed, they have to assume,”the young woman’s lawyer told France-Infaux. “Myclient was hoping to lose two extra pounds during her free week, it’s her right to demand a refund.”

Tatiana Grautah, who since her week-long diet has become a star on Instagram, is very angry with Bernard Canetti, the CEO of the brand “as I like”. “It’s a scam” complains the young woman who lost 128 kilos in 7 days. “How could I be satisfied with 128 kilos lost when I was hoping for 130?”

For his part, Bernard Canetti refuses to reimburse the complainant, arguing that the young woman is trying to take advantage of a breach of contract to try to get the butter and the butter money.


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