Sick doctor hospitalized in the ER gets up from bed to help another patient


Working in hospitals is not easy. Staff are confronted with life and death and tragic stories on a daily basis. Dr. Miguel Angel Arteaga had to pass on the other side of the mirror when he was hospitalized, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do everything he could to save another patient.

On July 28, photos of Dr. Miguel Angel Arteaga in Tabasco, Mexico, began circulating on Twitter. He is seen in a patient’s coat, without pants, assisting a patient.

Dr. Miguel Angel Arteaga, a special in orthopaedic trauma, was hospitalized in the emergency room at the General Hospital of Petrelo Mexicanos where he works. He suffered from dizziness, nausea, severe headaches and high blood pressure. He was stable and under observation.

That’s when another patient was admitted with a serious arm injury. Specializing in this type of injury, Dr. Arteaga got up without hesitation to help his colleagues.


He followed his instincts and his heart. On Twitter, after the photos went viral, he explained: “Thank you all for your messages. They are a source of inspiration to continue, but it is not heroism, let alone HUMANITY.”

“My colleagues, who are excellent emergency doctors, were struggling a little to contain the patient’s bleeding, and that’s when I got up to bring some of my experience to save this sailor’s life and also try to save his arm.”

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Helping one’s neighbour is not to be a hero, but to show humanity, this doctor is right.


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