Shopping addiction is a “mental illness” according to this psychotherapist


It’s official, the addiction to online shopping has been diagnosed as a mental illness according to a psychotherapist of the Hanover School of Medicine in Germany.

Shopping online can become a reflex and for those who have the easy click and for whom the bank card is pre-registered… Orders follow one another, parcels filled with a minimum of 10 items as well. And the same pattern repeats every week.

If you recognize yourself in this portrait, read the rest of this article carefully.

A psychotherapist at the Hanover School of Medicine in Germany, Astrid Muller, concluded that shopping addiction could be considered a mental illness.


And this disease now has a small name which is the BSD anagram or “buying shopping disorder”. But if your compulsive and regular purchases are made online, you can shop under the“buying shopping online disorder” derivative. A mental illness that affects 5% of the population.

Psychotherapist Astrid Muller studied 122 patients to come to these somewhat alarming conclusions. Buying shopping online disorder has real consequences on the body and mind. People with it are more likely to have anxiety disorders and the risk of depression.

Next time, ask yourself the right questions when faced with these blue high-waisted jeans that you already have in four copies.

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