Printed in 3D, this structure of the dog house contains 1000 tennis balls


oday, 3D printing offers millions of opportunities: creating prostheses, works of art, or use utensils, you can really do anything. This design and architecture agency just wanted to show it by designing the dog house… rather original.

Based in Dallas, CallisonRTKL used two 3D printers and 1019 tennis balls to achieve this actual result. Entitled “Fetch House,” the niche consists of a modular support structure, printed in light plastic, which allows containing the balls with ingenuity: a good idea to quickly take a ball available to have fun with his dog. When the game is over, all you have to do is put the ball in its place.


The dog house is specially designed to be built by individuals in search of design and unusual concepts. And to stimulate the creative side of the master, it is possible to “draw” patterns, thanks to the missing balls’ negative space. Perfect for airing the inside of the niche.

CallisonRTKL has put its creation up for sale, benefiting the Texas SPCA shelter. The “Fetch House” has also been on display at the local competition, Bark – Build Pet House Design and Build 2019. This is an interesting initiative that pushes the boundaries of creativity with 3D printing. In fact, on this subject, you were told about this abused toucan, who has regained his beak thanks to this new technology.

Credits: CallisonRTKL
Credits: CallisonRTKL
Credits: CallisonRTKL
Credits: CallisonRTKL
Credits: CallisonRTKL

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