Pediatricians and experts ask to stop tickling children – even if they laugh

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Tickling someone is a very common game, especially between children. Often, those who are ticklish may have a bad experience, but this is normally an innocent game. Yet pediatricians and experts, including Dr. Lawrence Cohen, believe in stopping.

We have all experienced it, tickled someone or been tickled as a child by a brother, parent or other family member. But according to Allas, such practices should be stopped.

Dr. Lawrence Cohen points out that even if the child smiles and laughs, we also learn that it is normal to cross the border – to continue even if they say no. When we tickle a child without asking permission beforehand, or continue even if he says stop or not, he learns that it is normal to touch him and that he can even touch others in a way he does not like.

“Involuntary laughter is particularly confusing for parents and children. Here’s a nice person who smiles and tickles me and I smile, but my body reacts and something I don’t like,” is how Dr. Cohen describes the feelings of a tickled child to the New York Times, according to Allas.

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