Only 20% of Internet users see the error in the image the first time – and you, will you succeed?


Do you like challenges? If so, we have a great challenge for you to keep you busy for a few minutes. Share your response in the comments and invite your friends to participate!

More and more people find optical illusions or games of the 7 errors on Facebook. These challenges have recently become a real Internet sensation. There are all styles and it must be recognized that it is a very good hobby, fun and excellent to make his brains work.

Sometimes we’ve been looking, but we can’t find the solution. This can be very frustrating for some, especially when you have to wait for the right answer.

Today, we decided to challenge you with an image that hides an incongruous error. Only one in five people can find the solution on the first try, according to, which is 20%!

Are you up for the challenge? There he is!

Can you see the error in this image? Take a good look at her for a few moments.


Only one in five people sees the problem at first. So it’s quite difficult!

Do you want a clue?

Take a look at the fireplace, then at the tree tops, that’s where the answer lies!

If this clue didn’t really help you, then here’s the answer!

The correct answer is that the wind blows strongly in two different directions, you see? You had to think about it!

Did you find it the first time or did you need to see the answer? Share your response in the comments and don’t forget to share this challenge with your friends!

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