How do I teach him to draw? 10 easy drawings for children


Children like to make beautiful drawings, but don’t always have the right technique to draw what they have in mind. Here are some examples of easy-to-make drawings.


Draw several kinds of suns

Every time the children make a house drawing, they add a sun just above. You can show them how to add rays, a little white and orange in the yellow or a face, if that’s what they prefer. This easy drawing will make your child a true artist.


Drawing a castle

If your child likes fairy tales or stories of knights, castles will often be drawn. In addition, when you think about it a little.


Drawing a cat

Very easy to draw, cats add a little life to the drawings and make children happy who imagine many situations in which they can find themselves. You may be able to teach them how to design a cat from side to side, but it’s his face that’s most interesting to start with.


Drawing a dog

Like cats, dogs are easy to draw and are popular with children. The basic technique is therefore good to know when it comes to drawing at daycare or school. This easy drawing will make your child a true artist.


Drawing a girl

Children are often taught to design queens, princesses, mermaids, and other storytelling characters, but are less likely to take the trouble to teach them how to design ordinary characters or to draw themselves. There are several styles of children to draw, but with these examples, they will have all the elements in hand to draw them easily.


Drawing a boy

You can draw a girl, but you also have to know how to design a boy! These, with or without freckles, represent a little boy. Your child will be able to color and modify it to look more like the ones they know.


Drawing a baby

Don’t forget the little brother or sister! It’s pretty easy to draw a baby when you know how to draw circles and it’ll make your kids happy to design the whole family properly.


Drawing a bird

Children like to draw birds in the distance and in flight. You only have to draw rounded “Ms” to do this, so they can easily add a lot. If they want to add birds to their trees with a little more detail, they can try these.


Drawing a fish

Do you remember learning to design fish and putting them in all the lakes, seas and oceans you drew afterwards? Now it’s your turn to show your kids how easy it is to draw a fish.


Drawing a mouse

Mice are rarely the highlight of the show, but they exist in many fairy tales, on the farm, in houses… They will add a little something cute to your children’s drawings.

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