His son trying to sneak a girl out of the house but This Dad Live-Tweeted this hilarious story


Since these updates were happening in real-time, Twitter basically lost its collective mind.

I hear definite moving around from his room right above me. It’s 10:39 and this poor girl hasn’t had a chance pee this morning.

Seriously, I should have grabbed a bag of popcorn before I started reading this thread.

Although I probably would have choked on a kernel from all the gasping.

The Stepdad also starts feeling some sympathy for our poor Juliet.

As someone who pees about 50 times each day, having to attend several hours to travel to the toilet sounds completely torturous.


I would be finding out the window situation at now .

Since the responses had been mixed, the Stepdad decides to present a fast poll.

In a near landslide victory, most of the people are rooting for these two crazy kids.

I have to mention, I might are one among the people voting for Mama Bear, but thatโ€™s just me.


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