His son trying to sneak a girl out of the house but This Dad Live-Tweeted this hilarious story


But Stepdad pack up that theory immediately.

It appears that she really was just cleaning the way she always does on the weekends which his Stepson was ready to achieve the foremost impressive con that the household had ever seen.

And he’s probably pretty darn proud of himself right about now.

Although, now that this has gone viral, Mama Bear is just about bound to know what happened at now, so let’s all just assume that he’s certainly quite the earful.


When you fly too on the brink of the son, you’re sure to get burned.

I think it is vital to recollect the one major takeaway from this story, though.

If you don’t want your Mom to seek out out that you simply have a woman over, take her blindingly white shoes up with you once you hide in your bedroom.

It’s just sense , kids.


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