His son trying to sneak a girl out of the house but This Dad Live-Tweeted this hilarious story



Although i used to be pulling for Mama Bear, the very fact that this kid was ready to keep his nighttime activities from his oblivious Mother are some things to be admired.

It’s basically every high schooler’s dream come true.

Oh, I could definitely use a drink right about now.

And closure… Sure enough, hit the side door and they have gone. I don’t know about you but need a drink after that suspense. Thanks for following along! That was amazing.


I don’t realize you, but my palms were sweating the whole time I used to be reading that.

The twists and turns! The suspense! it had been almost Shakespearean.

It’s no surprise that this Twitter story quickly became insanely popular.

After all, tons of individuals probably read that and directly associated with the experience of the 18-year-old son, but perhaps their experiences ended with a less-than-positive outcome.


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