His son trying to sneak a girl out of the house but This Dad Live-Tweeted this hilarious story


Ah, young love. It’s something most folks have experienced firsthand, and there is no denying its unstoppable power. It also can end in some pretty stupid deciding, an example of which a person on Twitter decided to document in great detail for the whole world to ascertain. And let me tell you, it’s one heck of a ride.

If during your teenage years, you have ever had a “special friend” sleepover at your house then was forced to somehow extricate them from that house without your parents knowing about it (it’s far more difficult than one might imagine), then this story is for you. Hold onto your seat. And also, if you are a parent, maybe take it as a precautionary tale for what signs to seem out for in your own house. Those no-good kids are constantly trying to tug a quick one, and you want to always be vigilant.

It all started with one Tweet by an amused Stepdad.


He sets up a reasonably hilarious scene, one which was ripe with intrigue and suspense.

I was hooked the minute I read this.


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