Here are 6 signs that indicate magnesium deficiency – be careful not to underestimate them


Magnesium is very important to our bodies. Here are 6 signs that show a deficiency and should not be ignored!

Today, we are more and more aware of what our body needs. We know that eating vegetables is good, but also why it’s important.

It is vital that our body absorbs the vitamins and minerals it needs every day.

However, there is an often-underestimated mineral, . Magnesium is a very important mineral for our body.

It is used to produce energy, strengthen bones and muscles, but much more. We can safely say that magnesium makes us much healthier and happier.

1. Muscle cramps


Muscle cramps are not pleasant at all. There’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a bad cramp!

Researchers have now discovered that there is a link between magnesium deficiency and muscle cramps.

According to one study, taking magnesium supplements may reduce the frequency of cramping, reports the National Library of Medicine.

2. High blood pressure


If you have high blood pressure, it means your heart is tired. According to a study conducted by the American Heart Association, those who take magnesium supplements tend to have lower blood pressure.

Therefore, taking magnesium supplements could help you reduce your blood pressure!


3. Constipation


Magnesium attracts fluids into the small intestine, helping to soften stools. The liquid also stimulates stools, writes Magkliniken.

If you suffer from constipation, this could mean that you need more magnesium.

4. Anxiety


If you often suffer from anxiety and stress, you may suffer from magnesium deficiency, according to Psychology Today. Magnesium helps reduce anxiety.

5. Irregular heartbeat


Peoples Pharmacy writes that many pharmacists sell magnesium supplements to help customers regulate their heart rate.

If you also have an irregular heartbeat, magnesium supplements can help, but see a doctor first.

6. Fancy chocolate


A magnesium deficiency can exacerbate the craving for chocolate!

Because chocolate is rich in magnesium, wanting to eat it may indicate a mineral deficiency. So it’s better to take cover and have some chocolate!

If you also suffer from magnesium deficiency, see a doctor. In addition, there is no need to rush to the pharmacy as many magnesium-rich foods, such as nuts, chocolate, bananas, tofu, peas, and pumpkin seeds.

Always have a banana with you, just to be sure. Magnesium is an extremely useful mineral, so it is best to take enough.

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