He creates a wheelchair bike to help his disabled wife


Initially, Australian Bill Howard wanted to help his sick wife walk around. And that’s how his “bike-chair” was born.

Hybrid bike and wheelchair. Bill and Glad Howard are a very ordinary Australian retired couple, except that Glad has Alzheimer’s disease. Disabled in more ways than one, illness prevents him from leaving the house alone. To keep her cycling, an activity she loves, her husband Bill has developed a “bike chair” that, as the name suggests, combines a bike with a wheelchair.


Promised success. In practical terms, Bill converted his bike into a tricycle but by placing the double wheel in the front so that it would support the wheelchair. From this prototype, Bill Howard has developed the concept of “bike-chair”, a product that he wants to launch on the Australian market later this year in order to benefit as many people as possible. A promised invention for success, Bill Howard and his creation are already the subject of numerous reports in Australia.

This is the case, for example, of Kerostin Mobility Solutions, a Breton company that has developed wheelchair-friendly wheels to allow them to climb the stairs. This is also the case with the Gyrolift, an augmented mobility device based on a gyropode,allowing people with reduced mobility to move upright. An invention that opens up new social or professional perspectives.

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