Gendarmerie seeks families of these 23 stolen dogs – to be shared to find their loved ones


Unfortunately, cases of animal theft are very real. The gendarmes of the Thouars brigade community investigated several thefts and discovered 23 dogs during their investigations. Of these 23 animals, 17 could not be identified and the officers are therefore searching for their respective families.

On Monday, the gendarmerie of Les Deux-Sèvres published an important opinion on Facebook regarding the situation of 17 dogs they rescued during an investigation for theft. The 17 animals have no microchip or tattoo.


As part of an investigation into the property from theft, investigators from the THOUARS brigade community discovered 23 dogs. 17 of them are not identifiable by microchip or tattoo:

– Dog No.05: Setter female, estimated age 07 years

– Dog No.06: Male spaniel type female, estimated age 07 years

– Dog No.07: Female jack russell type, estimated age 02 years


– Dog No.08: Fox Terrier, Estimated age 02 years

– Dog No.09: Griffon type female, estimated age 02 years

– Dog No. 10: Griffon-type female, estimated age 06 months

– Dog No.11: Griffon type female, estimated age 06 months

-Dog No. 12: Labrador type male, estimated age13 years


– Dog No. 13: Cross-border collie female, Estimated age 04 years

– Dog No.14: Cross-female labrador/beauceron, estimated age 01 years

– Dog No.15: Male typesetter, estimated age 07 years

– Dog No.16: Male type beagle, estimated age 01 and a half years

– Dog No.17: Beauceron cross female, estimated age 04 years

– Dog No.18: Cross-female spaniel, estimated age 01 years

– Dog No.19 : Cross-female spaniel, estimated age 01 years

– Dog No.21: Labrador-type male, estimated age 01 years

– Dog No.23: Malinian cross-female, age ignored


Victims of dog theft, who recognize their pet in the photo pictures, are invited to contact the gendarmerie of THOUARS on

Please bring documents that can attest to the ownership of this animal before contacting the gendarmerie, namely: veterinary invoices, proof of purchase, photo of the animal,…

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