Fun things to do with kids near me


Fun is good for morale and health! Even if, most of the time, it comes spontaneously, it can also be provoked. So we offer a few activities to make the fun things to do with kids near you, while practicing some school concepts.

Create comic riddles

The riddle is a (rather funny) question that is asked of another person in order to play. Like what:

Question: What is white, black, white and black?
Answer: a panda that walks down the stairs.
Question: What is green and who gets goosebumps?
Answer: Hulk when he’s cold.
To help your kids invent riddles of his own, you can invite him to:

Choose a subject (e.g., an object, fruit, animal, etc.)
reflect on an absurd situation featuring the subject (e.g., a fly that no longer breathes, a plane bouncing, etc.);
formulate a question that is the answer to the situation he was thinking about (e.g., what makes Boing Boing? A plane bouncing.).
To make the activity even more interesting, you can make a family competition of comic riddles and:

Vote for the funniest riddle;
Try to make your opponents fun things as loudly as possible;
Determine a single subject to exploit

Write jokes

The dictionary describes the joke as a funny story designed to amuse or deceive. And while there is no magic formula for writing good jokes, we know that they contain:

a topic,
few words,
an element of surprise,
an unexpected end.
The way the joke is told also has a positive impact on the comic factor. So you can invite your kids to:

play with rhythm,
mimics and gestures,
the look,
words (e.g., inventing new style figures),


Discover humorous literature

Children’s literature is full of humorous books. Whether they are comics or novels, they all have the same goal: to make the reader laugh. After reading a book, and to add a touch of fun things to your home, you can ask your kid to:

read aloud the passages he preferred;
summarizing the story as a joke;
improvise a comedy from the story;

Writing funny stories

With a little imagination, anyone can write funny stories! To make people laugh, they must at least include:

a cartoonish character;
A situation that is out of the ordinary;
an unexpected end.
To help your kids write the best funny stories, you can suggest that they compose a text that features:

a duck that didn’t like water;
an ant that was not rikiki;
a little girl who had a thousand legs;

Cartooning famous characters

Cartooning is a portrait that exaggerates certain physical traits or attitudes of a person. For family fun things, you can do a little research on some famous characters who have made history. Then, each member could:

Note the cartoonish physical traits of these individuals;
caricature the personality of one’s choice;
Make others guess who the chosen character is;
perform a cartoon that emphasizes the behaviour (or occupation) of a personality


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