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Tired of always spending money as soon as you leave the house? Well, believe it or not, there are fun, interesting free things to do near you at home that cost absolutely nothing. It’s good to know because today everything is growing and costing more and more! For example, the average price of a movie ticket now reaches a historical price of 10 dollars. Such a price makes a simple outing to the cinema far too expensive for many families. Indeed, to go to see a movie with his wife and two children, you have to pay an average of 40 dollars!

It is therefore urgent to find things to do near you that can be done without having to systematically take money out of your portfolio.

But don’t worry, no matter where you live, there are many things you can do without having to take out money.


Here’s a list of 32 free things to do near you without losing your money:

  1. Find the most beautiful place within 100 km of your home and go for it. Explore this place. Otherwise you can just sit on a bench and enjoy the view.
  2. Read a book. Start with a classic according to your tastes: a good policeman, a science fiction book… You can even read e-books for free.
  3. Visit a local museum. Art museums are often very interesting to explore. Take advantage of Heritage Days to access places that are usually paid for.
  4. Go to a park. Play on the playground with your children or dip your toes in a stream.
  5. Clean your home. Maybe not the most fun thing, but once you have a clean house, you’ll be happy!
  6. Write down what goes through your head. No need for it to be the next Goncourt prize or to have it read to someone. What is certain is that putting one’s thoughts on paper can change your life.
  7. Organize a writing tournament with your children. Draw lots of a subject, a number of lines to write and a constraint such as making a poem, or a text of fiction or horror. You laugh!
  8. Take a walk to the library. Yes, I promise you, she’s still here! Plus, it’s probably much better than you remember.
  9. Take a bike ride. This is certainly the best way to rediscover your city or the surroundings of your home in complete freedom.
  10. Go for a walk. But you don’t have to put on music. Take the time to listen to what’s going on around you.
  11. Volunteer your time as a volunteer. There are hundreds of different areas to engage and help others. To find a mission near you, click here.
  12. Play sports. You will feel better and healthy quickly. For that, you don’t have to go to the gym! You can do exercises at home or even better go running outside to get some fresh air.
  13. Spend time with a friend. Not on the phone, not on Skype, but in person. The only good reason to take your phone out with a friend is to take a selfie to remember the good times.
  14. Call your grandparents. They miss you, that’s for sure. You’ll see how happy it is for them to hear from you.
  15. Update your CV. Even if you’re not looking for a new job. You never know when an opportunity will come. It’s better to be ready!
  16. Spend time in the garden. Your plants will thank you and you will be super proud of yourself!
  17. Go for a tennis match. Or go play basketball or football with friends. Any sport in fact, as long as you play and have a good time.
  18. Take a nap. For this, choose a nice place like a hammock, a garden or even better on the beach.
  19. Learn a new language. Try to practice with someone whose mother tongue is. It’s always better and it doesn’t cost anything. Otherwise there are plenty of free and effective apps here.
  20. Learn computer language or use software. No matter what your profession is, learning new computer skills can help you stand out. Discover the sites to learn how to code here or become an Excel pro with these tips.
  21. Clean your email inbox. A little organization and housekeeping never hurt.
  22. Learn to play the guitar. Or go fishing. Find yourself a hobby of this style that doesn’t cost a lot of money.
  23. Spend time with your other half. Change your daily life with your spouse and add a little spice to your life. Discover here things to do as a couple without breaking the bank.
  24. Build something. If you’re a bit of a handyman, use an old wooden pallet to make a table. Check out other easy ideas here.
  25. Make a recipe for cooking. To do this, try using the ingredients you already have in your closets. You could discover some talent! If not make pancakes. It’s easy and always good.
  26. Groom your pet. Brush it, wash it, and play it. He will thank you and your family too!
  27. Find a busy place and watch people pass by. A kind of life-size reality show but much more interesting.
  28. Make a campfire or barbecue. Do it with your family or invite your friends. Melted marshmallows, music, and here we go…
  29. Sit in front of your house or on your balcony. Nothing better to enjoy the moment and relax. Your favourite appetizers are obviously an option.
  30. Organize a game night. Play cards and board games. And why not put some money into a prize pool that you’ll all spend together?
  31. Go to a local sporting event. The vast majority of amateur sports competitions do not cost a round to attend.
  32. Take a second job. Not only do you spend nothing, but you also earn money! Find a small job of a few hours with people you love.

Find out some ideas here. And I’m sure there are plenty more. Just remember that the simplest things are often the most enjoyable. Plus, they’re usually free.


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