Flying: even grounded by Covid-19, planes need maintenance


They haven’t flown for weeks. However, planes need maintenance more than ever. To be ready to take off when the time comes, grounded aircraft must be maintained regularly. Update on this procedure called “airplane storage.”

It may seem paradoxical, but a plane that does not fly is a plane that crashes. To avoid premature wear, it is necessary to first ensure that nothing can interfere in the openings: moisture or insect. Huge caps are placed at the entrance to the reactors. The probes are closed. All hatch openings are taped. Dehumidifiers are also placed in the cabins.

The device must be moved regularly. Moving a Boeing or Airbus a few centimetres prevents tires from flattening. Flight controls should be activated to ensure that moving elements such as fins and drift work properly. There are also greasing operations to combat corrosion.


There is 10-20% fuel left

In the tanks is left 10 to 20% of fuel, which prevents drying of the joints that can later cause leaks. Starting the reactors regularly to idle follows the same logic.

All this takes at least two hours and, according to the planes, should be repeated about every ten days. The maintenance teams have a lot of work to do, especially since, because of the containment, in Roissy, their numbers have been reduced by two-thirds.

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