Elizabeth Weber, The Success Mentor


Elizabeth Weber is an entrepreneurial powerhouse. She is not only the top money earner for one of the fastest growing internet retailers in the world, Market America/Shop.co, but she also currently ranks in the top 100 income earners in her industry. She loves working with committed people to develop the income they need to fulfill their purpose in life. She was raised with humble beginnings in Somerville, MA and worked hard as a legal secretary, which eventually earned her a position as Contract Administrator for the City of Boston Law Department.

The 9-5 world was too confining for Elizabeth weber, not to mention it fails for most people. She kept looking for a way out of that world and tried 9 networking marketing companies with little to no success. She didn’t give up and in 1992 she finally found Market America/shop.com. This business offered her the tools she needed to realize her dreams while fulfilling her purpose. It was the perfect fit. She quit her job of 18 years to start her business and within 5 months she was earning a six-figure income. Within five years that grew to seven figures, earning well over a million dollars per year residually, simply by helping others succeed. The beauty of this business is this; Elizabeth weber could create success in her life, by simply helping others create success in theirs. There is no better way to make a living and she continues to do just that having helped thousands realize their dreams during her 23 year tenure. Today, Elizabeth weber is a sought-after motivational and inspirational speaker and trainer for the global company.

Elizabeth currently lives in the Carolinas with the love of her life, Rick Walliser. Their blended family includes 5 amazing children, Bruce, Ashley, Morgan, Tristan and Skylar and one amazing granddaughter, Madison. Elizabeth’s success gave her the resources necessary to establish the Weber Foundation of Helping Hands, Inc., a non-profit public charity, that gives back to people in dire need. The foundation, founded in October, 2000, has provided financial support to hundreds faced with serious illnesses or catastrophic situations. She later expanded the foundation to provide support for our military troops. She was the recipient of the George Washington Medal of Honor for her continued help with the servicemen and women adversely affected by the war on terrorism.


Elizabeth weber is always challenging herself both mentally and physically having earned her black belt in Kempo Karate; completing the Boston Marathon and finishing the recent Lake Lure Triathlon in North Carolina.

In her blog she will be sharing wisdom she learned along the way; Wisdom that can be applied to any worthwhile endeavor.

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