Electroboxing, or how to combine boxing and intensive work-out


Who has never dreamed of burning 1200 calories in just 30 minutes? This is the promise of electroboxing, an intensive course that mixes boxing and electrostimulation.

This new year, a whole new kind of sport is emerging: electroboxing. To burn calories intensely, this new technique links electrostimulation to boxing, a combat sport with incomparable fat-burning virtues. The 30-minute course is broken down into two parts: 20 minutes of electrostimulation and 10 minutes of boxing. The promise? Burn 1200 calories in half an hour, as if you were spending four hours at the gym!

Electrostimulation, effortless sport

Visit the Avaton Club in the 16th arrondissement of Paris to discover this new sport:

  • First step: It is necessary to put the outfit that will allow the electrodes to be able to attach to the body, themselves connected to a machine that controls the intensity of the discharges. For those who were still hesitating, it is no longer possible to escape… After putting on the t-shirt as well as the pantsuit, the coach arranges the electrodes on all the muscles that will work: biceps, abdominals, thighs, buttocks and lower back.
  • Start of the course: Nothing exhausting in this first part, but the sensation of electrostimulation is surprising: imagine that someone shakes your muscles from inside your body, without you having any control. It’s actually strange but not unpleasant.

Once placed on a sports mat, the coach asks you to maintain several postures, the time that the electrodes contract your muscles, i.e. 7 seconds. Between each pose, you have 10 seconds of beat to reposition yourself… and prepare for the next dump. Better in position at the right time, otherwise you’ll feel like someone is freezing your muscles and being a disarticulated robot!

But don’t panic, the placements are simple: squat, slits, lying on your back legs in the air, arms bent …. The coach guides you. The important thing is to strongly contract the muscles that are stressed, otherwise the electrostimulation becomes unpleasant.

The coach will start with a low-power electrostimulation, to get your body used. The more the course progresses, the more the coach will increase the contraction, until you reach your maximum potential. Thanks to this technique, we discover muscles that we didn’t even know! Once the 20 minutes have passed, the electrodes are removed, but the outfit is kept.


Boxing, to burn intensely the last calories

The boxing part will ask you to tap into your last energy reserves. The coach starts by removing the electrodes (we feel light!), then we put on the gloves. Fatigue is not immediately felt, but the body has worked a lot, and the first direct are hesitant … But with the motivation of the coach, the combat choreographies quickly follow: hook, kick, jab, cross …

The more choreography follows, the more powerful the moves! These last ten minutes provide an almost addictive feeling of satisfaction: you are ready to challenge Mohammed Ali and take on all the challenges! The body lets off steam, the mind is released, emotions come out through the blows… The brain carbides so much with endorphins that you quickly enter a real state of general well-being.

Once the class is over, you are really emptied, as if the boxing part were bringing up all the fatigue accumulated during that half hour.”¬†But good tired !”¬†comments the coach.

Electroboxing: impressive results

This new trend is ideal for people with back pain, or a well-located area, because simply maintaining a posture requires no effort, other than contracting the muscle required. Electroboxing is also a great way to work in a targeted place: buttocks, abdominals… With much faster results than in the traditional gym!

Be careful to get good results, diet always plays a key role: eating balanced is paramount. In addition, people with heart or epileptic diseases, pregnant women or people with cancer are advised to avoid this sport.



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