Disinfectant drone startup wins high-profile contract


The Arena of the Atlanta Falcons in Florida has purchased three disinfectant drones from Lucid Drone to continue to welcome its audience.

The health crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak has given drones a new purpose. Forget the entertainment drone, the movie drone, or the surveillance drone. In 2020, these small aircraft will continue to fly in order to disinfect surfaces.

This week in Atlanta, Mercedes-Benz Stadium announced the arrival of three new disinfectant drones to allow the NFL season to continue to welcome the public.

These three aircraft will have the difficult task of cleaning the surfaces of a stadium with a total of 71,000 seats.

But its managers are already satisfied: the time savings will be substantial, in the order of 95%.

As a result, cleaned surfaces can be greatly expanded with technology.


The director of the stadium’s parent company, Dietmar Exler, said in a statement that it was a priority to be able to see fans back in the venue.

“The process for feedback involves actively listening and responding to their concerns. We understand that appropriate cleaning and disinfection protocols are a priority in the current context” 

The policy put in place is a physical distancing of 2 meters between each group of supporters, but it still seems difficult for the Atlanta Falcons to manage to confer enough fans to still fill the stadium.

Lucid Drone, a startup behind the project

Behind the development of this project, the Atlanta stadium has called on a brand specializing in drones.

Lucid, a startup in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, had adopted drone technology to integrate cleaning systems for building surfaces.

Now, with the health crisis, it’s few dozen employees have turned the page to put all their efforts into disinfectant drones, with the ever-increasing demand.

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