Cool Easy Things to Draw – the guide for beginners of drawing

Cool easy things to draw

You are passionate about drawing and you are looking for cool things and easy to draw. Maybe you want to learn to draw, but you don’t know how to start? I was in your shoes two years ago. It was my first year at a design school. It seemed to me that everyone knew how to draw and I had a lot to learn. I was wondering how I could catch up and whether I would ever be as good as my naturally talented comrades. What I have learned from this experience is that when you want to learn something, you succeed. Yes, it takes time, but it is not impossible. The other important thing is that you should not compare yourself with others. It is good that we all have a different approach. You know different things and you learn at your own speed. This is good knowledge to have when you are learning a new skill.

Mastering the art of easy to do drawings: a possible mission

What simple drawing material

To facilitate the process, we can help you with some tutorials to start learning drawing today. Using the images below this page, you can try to imitate, copy, or even reproduce the drawings you’re going to find there. But before you start drawing, you can think about what you’re going to use as materials. First, you have a basic white paper. Then, if you want to create black and white drawings, you can do so with a pencil or black felt. The drawing felt totally changed the game for me. This is the tool that gave me the opportunity to make more confident lines. Drawing without using gum with exact lines without double lines or lines that seem all over the place is the purpose of easy-to-make drawings. Try not to double any of the lines, even if it seems to help you hide your little mistake. No, it’s better not to double it.

On the other hand, if you prefer to use a pencil, nothing prevents you from doing so. However, don’t forget to bring a pencil sharpener and eraser. However, keep in mind that charcoal drawings require a different technique. Here, the gum is used for more things. Clearing part of the drawing can be special indeed and even the paper on which you will create your drawing is also special. So think about these questions before you start. Now immerse yourself in the picture gallery below. We start with the easiest ones and we’ll help you raise your level little by little.

A white paper and a pencil or black felt: all they need to start the adventure

Easy things-to-do drawing for beginners

Do you already have the necessary materials to make your first drawing? So all you have to do is follow our simple instructions to get a satisfactory result. In this first tutorial, we show you how to make a super cute whale using a black pencil and an eraser. Let’s go!

  1. Start by drawing a large circle for the head and body of the whale.
  2. Then you have to make a hollow for his back. As the head will be located on the left side of the circle, the bottom line on the right side is erased with the gum and two curved lines are made that touch each other to form the tail.
  3. Now we have to draw the tail fin of the whale that gathers roughly to a small heart.
  4. To make the eyes, one must draw two identical circles. Start by making a circle with a smaller circle on it and repeat the step to make the second eye. In each eye, add another small circle to the bottom right corner.
  5. Now make the lashes and vent by drawing two curved lines above the eyes and a curved line under the eyes.
  6. All we have to do is draw the fins and a few balls to imitate the water.
  7. If you want to make the drawing even more fun, you can draw a horn.

Learn how to easily draw a unicorn whale


Easy-to-replicate design

Even if the first tutorial seems quite easy to make, we still offer an excellent alternative for beginners for easy things to draw. Find out below how to draw an umbrella in just a few easy steps. To make the adventure even more fun, don’t hesitate to add a little color to your creation.

How do I draw an umbrella?

  1. Start by drawing a semi-circle for the shape of the umbrella.
  2. Then, you have to draw a series of short, curved lines to close the semicircle into a scalloped pattern.
  3. Draw a rounded stick.
  4. Now make a second set of waves over the first while leaving a little distance to make a nice decoration. Draw small dots to fill the space.
  5. You can finish the project here or add a few facial features.
  6. If you’re betting on an even cooler result, there’s nothing easier than coloring your drawing.

Draw an umbrella in 6 easy steps


Easy-to-replicate drawing

To make sure you have fun during the process, you are advised to choose a pattern that inspires you. So, if you’re addicted to coffee, the simple tutorial is for you! Learn how to make a cup of gourmet coffee in just a few steps.


How do I draw a cup of coffee?

  1. Draw an oval to make the edge of your cup.
  2. Then make a second oval around the first.
  3. Draw two vertical lines and a horizontal line to make the shape of your cup. Fill the cup with liquid by adding a few curves.
  4. Now we have to make the handle of the cup. Start by drawing a half-moon to mark the location of the cove. Then draw two curved lines.
  5. Finally, we add the plate. To do this, draw two ovals around the cup.
  6. To complete the image, you can draw a few coffee seeds on the plate.

Easy things to draw

In the following lines you are given some clues to learn how to draw a little rabbit. A simple and achievable idea even by the little ones. Let’s look at the essential points in his creation.

How do I draw a rabbit?

  1. We start by drawing a circle to form the head of the rabbit.
  2. Then, two identical shapes are added that mimic the animal’s ears.
  3. Draw two oblong shapes to make the legs.
  4. After that, the tail and hind leg should be drawn using curved lines and circle lines.
  5. Finally, we add the eyes, nose and whiskers. That’s it!

Why don’t we make a rabbit drawing?

draw rabbit

How to draw Aladdin – follow the red lines to make a successful drawing


Easy-to-make things drawings – Disney Aladdin’s head step by step


Learn how to draw a cute kitten – easy-to-do designs step by step


Lion’s head drawing in stages – how to simply draw animals


How to draw an easy fish?


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