Android Auto: Finally wireless?


One of the major developments of android 11 is the use of Android Auto Wireless. Previously reserved for Google Pixel and some Samsung Galaxy, it should become widespread but under certain conditions.

Android Auto

For those who use Android auto every day, it must be admitted it’s super convenient.

For those who do not know, it is a matter of plugging your smartphone on a USB port of the car and displaying a new interface on the screen of his vehicle. More than just a gadget, it’s a bit like an extension of your smartphone for use in the car.

You can use the Google assistant, voice commands for calls and text messages. The assistant can read the messages aloud and you can dictate the answer. Whatsapp is also compatible with the interface. The most popular GPS apps like Google Maps, Waze are compatible. All the information is displayed on the dashboard and it is much easier to search for a route, receive alerts or find an address on its way.

The multimedia experience is also in order, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, YouTube Music, and others are compatible. Long live the playlists!

Android 11, serious bugs

Android 11 is therefore available for a few days for some devices and therefore brings wireless for Android Auto.

However, many users report serious problems when using. Cuts while listening to music, loss of sound notifications, more access to the Google calendar, Waze that no longer works, no sound during calls. In short many bugs sometimes going as far as blocking the smartphone. Rather embarrassing all this …


No doubt a fix will come about but when, and within what time frame? One of the new features highlighted by Google for Android 11 is Android Auto, it’s rather missed!

In addition, to enjoy Android Auto Wireless, we must not forget that one of the conditions is to have a compatible car. Vehicle manufacturer updates are not numerous, in the order of one to two per year.

AAWireless, the alternative?

In short, an Android 11 smartphone with a bug-free Android Auto and a car that has received the necessary update will enjoy the wireless experience. That’s a lot of conditions all that…

Created by a Dutch developer, AAWireless is a smart little case that plugs into USB instead of the phone. Simply connect the case with the smartphone via Bluetooth to give the mobile access to the Wi-Fi of the case. Then more Bluetooth, everything happens in Wi-Fi. Updates will improve the operation as you go along.

The design is not yet defined and if on the promo video you can see a case, this is not the final version but the prototype. “The final product will be much smaller than the prototype shown. It will not include an Ethernet port, USB-A port, pines, etc. and the expected size will be somewhere around 5x5x3 cm”

AAWireless is therefore a rather practical and nice product. No more cable and icing on the cake it’s compatible from Android 9!

An Indiegogo campaign is underway and will end in a month. However, the campaign is already fully funded (243% of the initial need), so the case is guaranteed to come out. The price offered during the campaign is 46 euros. And delivery is scheduled for February 2021.

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