A puppy has almost no hair and needs help – its fur grows back after being rescued


When Terra was rescued, she had almost no hair and was terrified. It was just a young puppy and seeing her like that was so sad. His condition was probably the result of the negligence of his former owners.

The poor puppy had a long way to go and didn’t know what it was like to be loved. Fortunately, a friendly vet from West Sussex, England, decided to help the four-legged friend.

Terra has lost much of its coat due to scabies, which usually occurs in stray or neglected dogs.


Jessie DeFreitas, a veterinary assistant, fell in love with Terra because of her “beautiful eyes,” Fox said. At home, Jessie DeFreitas already had four cats and a rescued dog, but she knew she had to make room for little Terra.

At the time, she called him Honey, but soon discovered that the name didn’t suit her. Terra was very angry and aggressive at first, even a little too much. She wasn’t very sweet or very nice, so Honey became Terra.


As Terra healed, she also became gentler, more caring. Finally, her coat grew and she now has a beautiful fur in brown and white tones. His personality has also completely changed.


“She recovered very well. You can see it in his eyes. She was getting happier and happier,” said Jessie DeFreitas. “She’s amazing. She is simply the kindest and sweetest.”

Jessie DeFreitas already had many animals to look after, but she is happy to have also opened her heart to Terra. The veterinary assistant knew she couldn’t leave this puppy in need like that.

She was a foster family for her and had to prepare her for adoption but their relationship became so tender that she decided to keep it forever. Thanks to the love of Jessie DeFreitas, Terra is now happy and healthy, despite everything she went through as a young puppy!


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