A new Tegra chip in development, the Switch Pro on approach?


Is a new “Switch Pro” in the works for Nintendo and Nvidia with a new Tegra chip? A job offer on LinkedIn casts doubt.

The Nintendo Switch has been available on the console market for more than three years now. It was in March 2017 that Nintendo’s new machine arrived and changed the way we play. Preferring innovation over power, it’s been a good ten years (since the Wii) that Nintendo has definitely abandoned the race for power.

Even so, Nintendo’s console needs a modicum of power to stand up to its competitors and offer new experiences. In the idea of continuing third-party publishers to release their games on the Switch. Some time ago, Nintendo announced that the Switch was about halfway through its life. This suggests that Nintendo’s next console is expected to arrive in 2023 or 2024. What’s the problem? This Switch is already losing speed and it is already reaching its limits.

For many months, rumors turn several models of Switch are becoming more and more persistent on the Net. First rumors around a Switch Lite that turned out to be true. Then, many rumors around a “Switch Pro” that remain unanswered for the time being. But things may start to move.

A new Nvidia chip for the Switch Pro?


So it was on LinkedIn that a strange job offer was spotted by several sites, including our colleagues. On this offer, Nvidia would be looking for a “Senior Embedded Graphics Engineer” in order to join the team working on the famous Tegra chips found in Nintendo Switch. The offer also states that this work concerns “the next generation of graphics solutions and AI technologies for video game consoles.”


This can only apply to Nintendo as it is the only manufacturer in partnership with Nvidia and Tegra chips, since Sony and Microsoft are in partnership with AMD. Thus, this offer necessarily concerns a new version of the Switch or the new Nintendo console. Which still seems rather unlikely.

In any case, the accuracy of “AI technologies” could indicate that this new Tegra chip will be much more powerful and will offer DLSS technology. This technology uses an AI to free up computing power by optimizing certain tasks. Nothing official at the moment, but it still makes you want to.

2020, the very quiet year of the Switch


Since its launch in 2017, the Switch has been offering some pretty incredible years with big releases every time at least every quarter. However, in 2020, it’s pretty quiet on the Nintendo console side. After Animal Crossing in March, and Paper Mario in July, the end of the year still promises to be quite quiet.

Since the beginning of the year, Big N has performed several online events such as Nintendo Direct, but again without big hits and without big announcements. But in August, the Kyoto firm may be able to speak again. It is once again the journalist Jeff Grubb who arouses our curiosity by posting on Twitter his schedule of high-tech appointments. We can see that a Nintendo Wild Card is expected between August 11 and 22, 2020. When you consider the number of events that have been announced in preview by this journalist, it deserves to pay attention.


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